Today we are moving on from mindfulness, that is to say bringing our mind to the here and now and to observe the present, to more actively engaging the mind in the way we want the mind to do. This is a subtle difference.

Previously I said: Meditation is a silent, stationary activity with a purpose (often focusing on training the mind to do something). This means to actively engage the mind to examine a chosen object (feeling, emotion, sensation…), or the “meditation object”. This can be something very similar to mindfulness, for example when focusing the mind on the breath (then we have mindfulness meditation!), but can also be something very different, for example, focusing the mind to visualise a situation in order to calm and relax (then we have a purposeful mind away from the present).

While practicing mindfulness is relatively easy to do without guidance, simply by focusing on yourself and your presence, this can be a bit more tricky with meditation. Today and the next three days I will therefore include links to guided meditations as part of the exercises. I’ll include different styles and topics: relaxation, motivation and sexual meditation.

Today’s activity is a simple guided meditation of just over 10 minutes, designed to increase your general motivation. To access it, click the link here.

Meditation is very much like mindfulness practice: it gets better with time and the more you do it. The effect takes a little until it unfolds, so don’t expect immediate effects, but you will notice changes slowly over time. If you want to do more meditations, just take a look around YouTube or SoundCloud for some more examples.

See you again tomorrow for an example of deeply relaxing meditation!

Day 12: The basics of Meditation
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