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Today’s objective: Explore how to talk about sex with your partner.

Talking about sex is a difficult subject for many guys, at least when it means talking to your actual partner(s). While many guys find it relatively easy to express their wishes to strangers or on hookup apps, talking to their longer-term partner is a real sticking point; with potentially relationship damaging consequences. After researchers based in Canada had looked at different couples over nearly a thirty year period, their conclusions were daunting: even in long-term relationships, what sexual partners thought about what turned each other on, had fairly little to do with what they actually liked. Rather it was a reflection of their own sexual stereotypes.

Why do so many guys keep quiet? Shame, embarrassment, rejection, blame, confusion, jealousy … all seem to play a role when it comes to avoiding talking. The result though is that many couples avoid the talk – and either suffer, or sometimes decide to seek sex elsewhere. I have come across many similar stories like this one; for example:

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Day 10: Let’s talk about sex
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