Ready for more? Great! Because there is some great new and free stuff coming up on urbangay! All you need to do… is be there! If you haven’t looked at the upcoming “30 day” series coming up, have a look here. And the first one will start next Monday – so here is a sneak preview of what you can expect from Self love: body, mind, soul !

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The gay scene and modern gay life can be a hard place to love yourself. Much is about competition, being better and sadly, little is about recognising just how amazing you as an individual are. But there are a few simple tricks to remind you to love yourself more, get more confidence and develop as a happier you. And the 30 day program starting on Monday, 1 May is all about that.

The program is a 30 day, daily activity program to dramatically boost your confidence, self-love and self-image. No matter how you feel about yourself at this moment, it will help to boost how you really and authentically feel about yourself.

The program has three parts, particularly useful for gay men.

1) First, the program introduces basic principles of feeling happy with yourself. With daily reflections and activities, when you follow the 30 day program, you will learn a set of tools that can dramatically help to boost your confidence and happiness.

2) Secondly, the program applies the basic principles to yourself. You’ll learn how to appreciate yourself more, display your new confidence and become someone that can inspire others from a foundation of solid self-love.

3) In the third part we look specifically at body image, because relating positively to you and your body is an important basis for a happy life and sexual expression. In this part we will develop more confidence in showing your body and the ability to give and receive intimacy and reduce shame and doubt.

To join the program? It’s super easy! Simply come back to daily for the daily activity. During May, it will be completely free and available for you to take part, share and save as you wish. If you are already subscribing to the newsletter, you will get the weekly digest. After the program is complete, it will be available to download.

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