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I’m really proud that guys from all different backgrounds come together with the urbangay workshops and seminars. Some of the amazing people have already contributed guestposts to this blog, and many more will follow in the next few months. But I really want to do more to celebrate our community and the ideas from urbangay. Therefore, to celebrate this diversity and to make the different voices heard, during October, I’ll be trying something new with urbangay  – think of it as a social media experiment: If you are reading this… you could be part of it!

In October, I will hand over the control of the urbangay Twitter account with all its followers to four different guest curators: one guest curator every week. In other words, handing the social media voice to a different guy every week.

If you are a member of the urbangay community,  why not consider becoming guest curator for a week and show to the world how diverse our community really is!

To participate, please write a brief outline of the ideas you have and the sort of thing you’d like to tweet/talk about. If selected, you’ll be free to tweet anything you find interesting, respond and interact with anyone publicly as long as it:
a) doesn’t contravene the community guidelines and any Twitter rules
b) is not commercial in nature and
c) it is in accordance with the urbangay manifesto.

I’d especially welcome curators who want to promote a particular non-commercial cause. If there are more than four applicants for the curator position I’ll choose four for this time. Please indicate in your email which week(s) (week 1: 1-7.10; week 2: 8-14.10; week 3: 15-21.10; or week 4:22-28.10) you’d like to take over as curator. If this experiment works, I might contact you again and ask if you’d be prepared to take over at a later stage.

To apply, please email stephan@urbangay.org before the 15. September. You will be notified if you have been successful before the 18. September. All decisions will be final.

And don’t forget… to follow @urbangay on Twitter!

Calling all social media urbangay storytellers, activists and YOU…