Your hottest summer yet:
30 days of sex positive,
playful learning – are you ready?

Just a few more days before the online version of the Sexual Discovery workshop will start! Here is a sneak peak at all the topics for each day… so make sure you check back on the 1. July to start your personal journey of sexual discovery!

  1. Overview and Aims
  2. Sex Negativity
  3. Shame
  4. Fear
  5. Sex Positivity
  6. Your sexual routines
  7. Your fantasy scripts
  8. Owning your sex
  9. Learning about sex
  10. Talking about desires
  11. Consent seeking
  12. Talking consent
  13. Exploring masturbation
  14. Non-ejaculatory masturbation
  15. Taoist breathing techniques
  16. Taoist stop techniques
  17. Taoist sex and the PC muscle
  18. Tantra breathing and connecting
  19. Tantra massage
  20. Tantra prostate massage
  21. Tantra sexuality
  22. Toys and accessories
  23. Toy Play
  24. Exploring BDSM
  25. BDSM play
  26. Public play
  27. Jealousy
  28. Playing with others
  29. Personal review
  30. The journey ahead

The welcome guide will be posted Wednesday next week… Please remember: the workshop will be available free of charge to members, and you’ll need a free membership account to access the workshop each day! If you are not already a member, then you can register here.

30 Days of Sexual Discovery… Day by Day
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