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The “30 Days” series is a series of online workshops, with small daily activities designed for gay men to live a more fulfilled, purposeful and sexier life.

All the “workshops” are a mix of small daily activities, information and inspiration around a set topic, helping you kickstart in 30 days. They are posted online and free on the blog on the dates below. After the first “live run” on the blog has finished, they are made available as a PDF-download in the form of a workbook. To avoid missing out on the “30 days”, please register for the newsletter!


Self love: body, mind, soul The gay scene can be a hard place to accept ourselves and we often focus far too much on our weaknesses and forget to love ourselves.  In this month-long program, join us for one month of focusing on, exploring, accepting and loving the most important person in your life: you. Discover ways to inner calm, look at yourself with kindness and accept all the little flaws that make you so lovable.
Sexual Discovery The hottest summer yet: 30 days of developing a sex positive mindset and exploring all aspects of your sexual fantasies – and beyond. Let’s take a journey together: from the power of gentle touch to the kick of kink.
Healthier, Happier,
more Active
Good bye couch, hello new life: kickstart your healthier, more active and happier you with this 30 day program to develop your individual path to a happier, healthier you.
Tantric Vibes Colder days and longer nights outside. As the days get shorter, our evenings heat up (mornings optional!): 30 days of tantric practice (not just) for couples.
Inner Happiness
– more details soon
Let’s declare a war on failed new years resolutions: give up giving up  booze or chocolate. Instead invest in yourself and make yourself happy. 30 days of exploring real ways fo a happier you in 2018
(Re)Launching yourself
– more details soon
Time for a reboot? Just a check up? 30 days of personal growth, developing yourself, building your “brand” and being the authentic you.
Relationships Reboot
– more details soon
Lover. Family. Friends. Colleagues. Strangers: reboot your love and social life, make new friends and develop stronger, more fulfilling relationships: day by day, for 30 days – and beyond.

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  1. Dear Stephan
    These look really very interesting. I’m very interested in the Self-love and Inner Happiness courses. Will they be also free on the site?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Boris! Thank you for your feedback! Yes… they will be on the site. Keep an eye out for them!
      Love to Manchester! Stephan xx

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