resetSometimes in life we just need a reset… A real drastic change, where everything old is thrown out – and we make room for all the new, and hopefully better. I’m at such a point right now… and so I have decided to hit the reset button.

Things have been quite rocky on many fronts, especially over the past year or so. Eventually things needed more than just tinkering around the edges, trying to work things out (again) or attempting to fix something that may have been broken from the start. Either way… earlier this year I decided that what I really need is a complete reset. Literally a restart of my life.

Especially on the personal front a lot has happened (as those of you who regularly read the blog know). And a lot of time I spent in a bad limbo … something that rocks the strongest guy in a bad way. With hindsight, it was probably clear that things had to end and everyone had to move on somewhere … but hindsight is a nice thing. Either way, I’m a “happy single” again, and actually feel good about that part of my life.

A few other really important things had also taken the backseat… job, travel for work and problems with the two guys had simply taken over. So, earlier this year I sat down and started to redesign things from scratch. Yes, I literally decided to throw all up in the air and start afresh. Amongst those things that are now on the horizon are quitting my current job and moving to a different city (more about all this in due course).

Of course, putting it all on a piece of paper and calling it a “life from now on” plan is the easy part… now it is time to work on actually putting all of this into action and creating something that (hopefully) resembles the plan a bit in the end.  Sadly, while it is easy to hit the reset button on a website and start afresh, things in life are never quite that straight-forward. And while there is a great romantic notion of simply packing my bags and setting off in my head, I know that won’t quite work. But at least, I now have a direction. And I hope the upcoming journey is the fun part indeed!

To cut a long story short,… this is why this site is also blank (apart from this post). I decided it was time for a reset… a totally new start.


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