Last week I wrote about the benefits of exercise for sex. And while moderate exercise will make your sex more fun,  meditation can add even more enjoyment to your sex life… Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Being in the moment
    this is probably the biggest benefit: meditation teaches you to focus on the moment. During mediation that is usually the breathing or the voice if you follow guided mediation…  Once you master the technique, you can obviously use it in other scenarios: really feel the sexual contact that you have – rather than thinking what you need to do tomorrow. In other words, you learn to focus on the here and there – and that in itself is a major boost for sex.
  2. Meditation increases energy
    If you read last weeks article, you’ll know this one: More energy makes for better, longer, more frequent sex… and possible for more fun filled sex as well (try sleeping with someone when you’re really tired!). Well.. meditation increases energy levels similar to – if not more then – sleeping. So, you can imagine the benefits!
  3. Meditation decreases stress
    Stress is simply put a massive sex-zapper… basically it kills your testosterone, you’re less like to enjoy sex and even if you have sex, you’re likely to rush and not be in the moment. So, with meditation busting stress equal to, if not more so then exercise… give your sex life a boost by switching off for a few minutes every day.
  4. Meditation makes you appreciate slow, sensual sex
    This is a bit of a person thing maybe… Don’t get me wrong, quick sex can be great and thrilling. But only quick sex, or the sort of mechanical sex so often shown in porn, should be just one option on the menu. I mean, after all, would you choose the same dish at lunch every day, even if it was really good? There you go… so doing things in different ways, including slow, long and sensual broadens your sexual repertoire and makes you enjoy sex much more.
  5. Maybe… Mirror Neurons
    Mirror Neurons are the love affair and envogue item of many holistic gurus. Basically, they are assumed to be neurons traveling between persons to make both persons feel how the other is feeling. Meditation is supposed to increase the functioning of mirror neurons. I’m not trying to get into the debate – some people say they exist and work, others seem to claim this is all more or less a placebo effect. Either way, being close together and and sensual (tantra anyone?) should give the other person a good feeling – neurons here or there.

I haven’t found a “big bang” study to support a link between meditation and sex per se…(there are many though that talk about indirect links – or links specifically for females). Anyway… why not try it for yourself and see? Meditate, alone – or with your partner. And while you’re getting into a meditation routine, why not try and complement it all with some tantra?

Meditation… and Sex
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