What a year of change 2016 has been for me! With just a few quiet moments in between moving, learning (or attempting to!) a new language and getting everything sorted – standing still was hardly an option.
After lots of changes it is now great to be settled, at least mostly, in my new “home”, enjoying the amazing life in Lisbon – and being more able to focus on how things should develop from here on. I’m slowly starting to grapple blogging as a main communication tool and with that in mind… here are a few of the “good resolutions” I have set myself for the coming year:

1)    more consistent blog posting
I know things haven’t been always consistent… both content and timing has been a little erratic sometimes. So, in 2017, I’ll devote more time and thought into making this blog more relevant, on-topic and much more interesting and consistent to follow.

2)    easier topic-identification
I know that I have two “broad” topic areas – and both are not necessarily interesting for everyone together. One is about getting more out of “gay life”: from fitness to sex to happiness. The other is about (not just gay) life in Portugal.
To make it easier I have divided the blog into the two sections, which now show up separately, making it easier for you to find relevant content. Early next year, I’ll divide the newsletter up so that you can subscribe to one, the other – or both. Stay tuned!

3)    more helpful stuff
So far many blog posts have been focused on what I have been doing or how I feel about things. It’s been great to hear back from you with questions – and I’m always excited when someone writes me or asks about something on this blog. Based on the feedback, in the new year I’m planning on more ‘interactive’ posts which should be really useful to you to help have more fun, join others getting fit – or when visiting #GayPortugal (and there are a few brilliant reasons here!). Of course… please keep the feedback and questions coming!

4)    more social interaction
I’m always super excited when someone gets in touch on social media: from retweets or interactions on Instagram. Let’s do more of it… let me know what you think, what you like, what you’d like to read more about… or just say hi. Find me on Twitter as @urbangay, Instagram @urbangayblog and PlanetRomeo @urbangay – and if you are feeling energetic: Runkeeper…(for the 2017 Fitness Challenge) looking forward to chatting with you!

Last, but not least… above all: Thank you to everyone who made 2016 such a memorable year. My old friends, my new friends …. And you! So… thank you for reading, commenting, reposting, liking, suggesting, saying hi or asking questions.



2017 resolutions
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